Monday, June 29, 2009

..heart warming gifts..

what a thoughtful gifts from colleagues.. they are truly heart warming gifts.. thanks a million Feny, Junyi, Darren & Cynthia, Alan & Linda & their little ones Dillion & Issac ..

also million thanks of warm wishes receive thro sms all the way from Hong Kong ->Ting, Kelly. surely my "long-time ago" schoolmates -> Angeline, Max. Frens & X-colleagues -> AJ, Alan, Jenny, Patricia, Wendy & Jasper. another year.. wow.

wow.. is just another year.. i mean another birthday i am in!! Life is not a only a reflection but also about ups & downs, about growing & going, about moving & changing.. it just goes on.. hmm.. hit mid-life; so what next?

Well.. my earlier plans was to hold a small buffet lunch in the office so that all colleagues [i.e. incl boss] could hv a good warm cozy, noisy, chatty & yammy get together. that was plans, imaginery plan ha..ha.. Mom fell ill just 2 days before my birthday; and that is to say, my plans were all disrupted of coz.. it erase all my moods :(

Still; i had a good soothing birthday as a group of colleagues [my lunch & tea-break "kakies"] brought me out for a yammy lunch. We had jap food in our of the shop @ Amara Hotel just round our office blocks.. We enjoyed the food very much, it was real good, truly authentic jap taste.. and i enjoyed very much more of the warm company they gave me.. they blankets me with cheering & jokes that for that moment my mind was truly "off" from my mom's illness.

Many thanks & cheers.. thk Q.. thk Q..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blog Site Under Construction..

Hi my dearest guests, readers,

. . just a little note that tis Blog Site is under Construction and as i am a little new too; all of your patience are greatly appreciated while i gather & pull my stuffs together..

Thk Q..