Tuesday, June 22, 2010

new gem, roundelle, crimps = new watch, bracelet ..

Yeah.. so my orders have arrived.. wheew.. they looks good.. yummmy... :))

Well, if you thought is some food.. sorry, they aren't; yet i am so "full" especially after having my hands on them and whoala... pretty!! of coz and that is "to the eyes of the beholder" ya... ha..ha..

The gem in this bracelet is Silver Needle Agate Barrel with the Orange/Light Blue Roundelle finished off with the 3x2mm Twisted crimp tube and of coz ends of with nice small silver twisted toggle clasp. All these are my 1st attempt of material from Artbeads; ordered them on-line, it took less than 10 days to arrive and unexpectantly they were so much prettier.. Thought i did make a simple pair of earrings to go along.. here it is..

Luv the turn-out of the twisted crimp tube so much, as it really gaves a nice finished end-off then those usual normal crimp which kinda plain and nothing special. So i re-make one of my labradorite bracelet into a "watch-strap" with a simple round watch face gotten from Evonne some many many months ago..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Before i knew it..month is ending..

It's just hard to believe that before i actually steps into June..the month is ending soon in about another week.. gosh!!

Physically was not too well, 1st i had a "trip & fell" and gotten a little "tear" on my right palm whereas "blue-black" here & there over my knee and lower leg area. Just thought everything was fine, gotten infected with UTI.. oh.. gosh.. it was terrible.. Not only was the pain but i was scare stiff if anything was going worst, until Dr Eunice Chua, check, scan and test that everything is alright, and assured me that all i need is lots of water, a week of antibotics and cranberry juice subsequent. So.. i have recovered and well now, though tired in mental; physical; emotion occassionally resulting from mom's attention. Lord give me strength pls!!

Have not been blogging but craft still goes on at my "back-drop".. had my hands on sewing pouches and a bible cover for myself and ..hmmm.. amazingly they turn out nice especially the bible cover. a couple of pic here to "show-off" a little..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To All Mother's..Happy Mum's Day !!

Here's a tribute to ALL Mothers ~ Happy Mothers Day !!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love for Mum..

Saw this small nice cake displayed on the shelf while getting loaf of bread for the morg breakfast.. and it juz came on me that .. "hmm..nice cake, mum should love it esp..it is mango flavor".. well nice for a reason too.. tomorrow is Mother's Day!! So.. home with it..

As i stroll home with the cake in hand, thoughts ran thro of how mum's reaction would be.. i knew she would say "it's expensive, .. i dun have the appetite, .. what so special about mother's day, .. " blah..blah.. arh.. well, it is never to her expectation, it juz too tough, too high for me to reach & meet; anyway, it doesn't matter any more, as long as i have done my best, did what i should, duties, responsibilities, care, loves are all thrown out to her!

Juz before i step into the house, i cross my arm around myself [giving me, myself a gd hug] and say .. "Is alright gal, you have already done more than what has been ask of.." and i prayed blessing over mum.

Indeed, mum wasn't kind of surprise or happy, she ate a little slice and said she's not in good appetite, her body is aching .. well .. can see from the pic, she wasn't that happy.. :( never mind..

never mind.. If only i did have someone to celebrate like this.. ha.. wow.. sighhh...

Well, well, nonetheless, i truly must Thank Lord, for her, for this family, if not for them; i did be in one of those gals homes or even orphanage.. Mum has been thro' lots of tough lives; during her youth, waving thro even jap war times. She has also been with me thro' my darkest time, though nagging seems to be her only reciporal action, but physically she is there.. and that is till tis day the sight of her frail & weakling movement sent my heart out squashing... Thank Q MaMa..

Thursday, May 6, 2010


sometime it pays to be slow & careful.. awuuuchh...oooh..oh.. never would i have expected a "trip" of my office slippers would send me almost head over heels and roll over the street & almost near the road!! hooo..Thank God for HIS "guarding angels"..

It was during our lunch break while walking that i had this "tumble over".. totally off balance, nothing infront for me to grab hold of.. Kat, Feng & Su Dong was shock..esp Kat as she was just beside me, thus she manage to "save" my working glasses from breaking.. while the other hand of hers gave me a "lift" on my arm which saves me from a "worsen-fall".

Well, with some aches & tore of skin on my right palm, we continued over for our lunch; after which proceeded to a pharmacy to get plaster and antiseptic cream. The pain & muscles aches didn't turn out till night..when i tried to stood down to help mum with some cream treatment over her skin.. sighhh.. she was sighing away seeing me in tis condition. We both praise the Lord for HIS protection.. hallelujah.. :)

Wanna finish up the netted necklace which i bead halfway thro' but the stretch of holding the needle pulls my palm skin.. oookiee.. better rest off for healing.. Washing up dishes was bad but with a plastic bag hoop over, it surely help coz the water & detergent won't smear the raw wound.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

when appreciation becomes "depreciation"..

just wonder how many of us wanted to be recongized, noted, even applaud; or perhaps a better word i could think of "appreciate".. need not be rewarded in substance, but kind of just being noted. Yes, NOTED would just be enough - as for me noting just within their hearts, thoughts and not returning any "hurtful" or "insulting" words. That is my whole want, abundance of gladness, even joy knowing what i have done is being appreciated, being thought of..

but when appreciation is being taken for granted.. it truly hurts, disappoint. many a times, i did tell myself that perhaps they have just taken it as "habitual", "a routine", "a responsibility", "dutiful" .. guess the list could go on covering up for them, or merely consoleling myself; well, alright whatever, just let them be ya .. after all i did what i did.. as daughter, as good assistant ..

let go, let go of that urge of "appreciation".. it doesn't made me any richier; happier!! But non-acceptance, comparison ripe off every skin of peace, joy .. Lots of people gives that regular quote "GOD sees all that you have done, you will be rewarded" .. of coz i can't help but agree to that, but i would re-phrase, i don't need reward in return, what i need is LUV.. and please tell them, it is not a MUST or a RESPONSIBILITY or a DUTIFUL .. choices is there, just as HE has given us CHOICE.. so i chose to be loyal, filial, dutiful, responsible and not neglect.

well, perhaps i haven't learn hard enough to ignore "appreciation", okay.. i should let it "depreciate"!! let appreciation be depreciate to "ground zero" ... PAPA God, wash away my hurt and sew up my wounds and blanket me with your Great Favor & Love!! Thank Q..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good O'ol American cooking . . .

it was fun..just like good ooold days, picking up utensils, messing up the kitchen. i still remember when i was juz 5+ old [erhhh.. once upon a time (.^) i used to tag along mum's side, "helping" her out in the kitchen.. ha..ha.. so to speak but well, at that age, is more of "playing" just like our "kampong" language call "masak-masak".. [it holds 2 meaning in malay tho i.e. "cook-cook" or "toy-play"]... ookiee.. back into the "yester-year scene".. i loves carrying those pots around; from floor to sink, but surely not to the stove area; that is a Restricted Zone for me.

i would help out the preparation of vegetables, more of "tearing" them up then cutting/chopping

i would try to "wash-up" dishes in a pail instead of in the sink coz i still can't reach even with the help of a stool. ha..ha.. lots of "oohs..NO.. NO.. wahhh.." from mum then anything else.. hee..hee..

hmm..could only trill back in memory lane.. while now i have the entire kitchen with me. no more yelling from mum, only "yammy" instead (*+*) .. most cooking especially chinese menus are either self taught through practical experienceing this & that or some viewing from TV and even flip flip of cook books.. hmm.. be bold.. test, try and yammmy good..

now tis american menu sure caught my eye and interest that i gave a go & learn it.. yes.. yes.. it was nice, lots of preparation work then chinese menu.. sequence of ingredients plays quite a big part unlike "my chinese style" of putting almost everything into the wok at a go.. controlling only over the fire of our stove.

alright so much of words & reflecs here's the college picture of what i have done :-

(1) clam chowder soup (2) baked marcoroni with cereal
(3) chicken pie (4) ice cream with rum & raisn ... yam yam

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

.. surprise ..

What a day to kick start with; a surprise that i receive - a big mail package. It was a package from the Humaneity Foundation. A magazine of their full & recent activities & goals, 2 leaflets "passport" of the child i sponsored! No expectations of any materials from them when i first chose to communicate to find out how i could go about reaching to those "less fortunate" & after receiving some highlights, explanatory & reg. forms; my chk went out to the mail.

The act of reaching out in some way was not my 1st trial.. I have been wanting to do something since sometime back.. Is it life changes that got me into this "deep thoughts" or is it some "setback" that has gotten me into these? No..no.. surely not.. but i would admit my first reach-out mission experience has indeed "drilled" & "roasted" my heart with that desire. The image of that women carrying her baby crying out just for milk has never left my memory bank since 1990s. We could provide her all the $$ we have, but it's useless. Source and outlet that could cater those needs is something unreachable in their place of origin. sighhh... At that moment we could only pray and even till today she is still in my intercessing list whenever my memory bank strike that particular "byte".
Well, is always great to lend a hand to those that is less, wherever they are, whoever they are, we need not know them, neither they need to know who we are.. bear in mind dun claim fame, name, recognization, appreciation or whatever returns. Contentment is the greatest source leading peace, joy & harmony to oneself. Am i bragging?.. ha..ha.. take it that i am then :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

wedding .. adults now ..

It was during the CNY visits that one of my elder boy cousin reveal that their son is getting married! wow.. i couldn't phantom till i attended their wedding dinner juz last weekend; all the little ones of "yester-years" were all grown up!! whew.. did i feel old looking at them?
YES! NO!! hmm.. yes -> they are grown adults now, of coz i "depreciate" but not age; it juz kept raising .. (.^) ha..ha.. And i mean "no" becoz i think i still look good appearingly.. well .. lots of compliment conclude that. and they aren't juz "lip-service" or to please me, they are from close relatives that i have not get to meet for kind of sometime.
Staying & maintaining "young" doesn't come from products, facial, clothings etc.., but from hearts & thoughts & most importantly HIS Grace! Coz it is HIS Grace, Strength & Blessing that brought me thus far!! hallelujah!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

.. my loves ..

ain't they adorable?.. to me YES they are!! and i dun mean only the 2 little ones but all that of them i.e. mum too (^.) .. Dillion the elder one is so much taller now; a little on the lean side but he is always so so lovable & obedient & he always has heart for the older folks.. Mum is never a stranger to him regardless of their wide age gap & communication; yes i mean communication between mum & him.. but he would always try to understand & figure out; by looking & me or his parents for translation.. ha..ha.. (@.@)
Well, new gen. family communications are more on english & mandarin language, a little other ethic dialects from their grandparents. So, for a non-educational mum..ha..ha.. she speaks all dialects but to no avail.. Of coz that is Issac that is grown & he could run about tis year when they both came to visit us.. he still couldn't speak as yet (only 24mths plus). He seems to be more bold & active then Dillion of his age then.

Well, well, they both are lovely pair of sons of Alan & Linda [my colleague]. Mum adores them both very much, a little much more for Dillion, so do i coz Dillion is more "贴心“ [intimate, attach, tender-hearted..]

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

art therapy, coloring, symbols, mandalas ...

It was all nice & fun to have attended tis class.. wish it could have been longer though.. coz it was so nice tucking into those color pencil box, picking up colors that u love & like and shading all over. 2 simple mandalas template were provided for our used. Well, it was a "mind-opening" lesson; of which i learn and knew; different colors represent moods & feelings; so is some simple symbols that Bryan 老师 shared with us.

this is my 1st completed piece during the lesson. Colored 2 more subsequently .. when i place them together i notice the color range varies, somehow there ain't any repeat in any sequence .. Bryan 老师 shared that it is not only fun but it's relaxing, i.e. letting your hands & thoughts runs, enjoy drawing, feels & colors, he even encourage us to keep them in file, frame them up too!! ooop.. i think i will when someday i go for the calligraphy drawing / painting class .. arh.. perhaps i should take a half-day break for it :)

It may be a 2-hour workshop, but it is truly interesting, learning more how drawing and colouring could help heal & focus .. anyway it is fun.. oohh..oh.. time is running i gonna get ready & go for the wedding dinner ..

Sunday, February 28, 2010

yahooo..am bacccck..

we are always busy..busy.. so busy that we forget the purpose in life..[sometime and/or may be not all but only me (*.)] We always worry for others; but did we take care of ourself, our inner being; inner child. Do you know if you take care of yourself, many problems will be resolved naturally?!.. That's what i have started doing of late, take smaller step/pace in most things.. work, home, on my way to & fro to wherever i need to be & wants to be..

even weekends; saturday would be like reading, craftings if no appointments for scheduled hobby classes.. sunday after church, home chaos would be in slow pace.. after which, i would relax in my "favorite couch", light music, burning smell of sweet aroma essential oil, holding books or crafts in hand; sometime with cuppa green hot tea if not for juz glass of water, and let my mind swirl off with the wind, with most occassions of mumblings/chatting with HIM !! hmmm... try that out!! wonders it will do to your soul, mind & body! share and let me know how you feel ya?!! (^.)

as i'm resizing and getting some of my pictures up, i would show and share some thoughts and happenings as i back-track ya.. stay tune..

now let me get back to where i drop off ..i.e. my comfy sofa and continue my book "The Gift"..
while "viewer"; frens u have a bountiful weekend..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

before u know.. time juz..

hmm.. it was juz like yesterday when christmas, new year 2010..came and now is like almost mid Feb.. wow.. time waits for no one indeed.

with approx 4 days to go., we are ushering into the Chinese Lunar New Year! Whew.. and that is to say i'm or rather we [mum & myself] are going for our short holiday break.. yeah!!.. we both looks forward to it.. though it's the same place we are going again..[almost the past 5 years] we are never never tired of it. dun ask me why? i have no answer.. guess is the "relax" time off.. a diff. environment.

why did i place a "open & close" inverted marks on relax? while, as for me, yes i'm in relax environment, afterall staying in a Resort why not? but, needing to care for mum along is not a total/full relax mode that i can fully switch off. 1st needing to make sure pack her needs like medicine and snacks. oh why snacks? dun they have food & shops there for bites? sure, they sure do.. but mum is juz like another small kiddy that she wants her favorite "nits-nacks".. arhh.. guess one would understand best when they are in my shoe.

well, well.. whatever it is, JOY & PEACE is SURELY there for both of us to enjoy to the fullest, cos we 'lovest' to do our praising, singing & praying and last but not least feasting; & "bird-watching" ha..ha.. with 2 old ladies.. 1=90 yrs & me=?? [hee..hee] we sure enjoy ourself by the pool-side watching pretty women & hunt man .. will try and snap some pic .. kee..kee.. ;p

ookiee.. i better get ready to go home for the Mobile Doc is coming today for mum's quarterly check-up.