Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

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I'm sorry for the loooong absences, but i was busy with pretty loads of things and what's more being on a full-time job.. while, beading is still on-going and between, time of attention & tending & listening to mum. Just a swift .. -> time goes.. a day went by, another day went by.. another .. another ..

Ok, back to this little blog where i would share some; arh.. guess rambling is more ya.. ha..ha.. anyway a BIG Thank You to all out there who has been reading or pass-by or drop-in guest.. or perhaps None of the above exit .. arh.. well .. never mind.. i will still "muse" myself happy ya.. after all Life is too short to be unhappy or uncomfortable with for long right?.. and for these reason, "Joy" is one of my resolution placing on second of my "wish list".. first is nothing but "Health".. Good health is wealth receive!!

There's still a couple of "muse" to share; on its way .. (.^) .. but as of now.. i would like to Wish ALL a BOUNTIFUL, JOYOUS, PEACEFUL, HEALTHY 2011 !!  Cheeers !! ...

Happy Holidays & Days Ahead...
Luv+ Hugs
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