Thursday, August 27, 2009

Upload of pictures. .

Yeah..with some mingling, flickering & of coz exploring here & there; finally gotten some pictures uploaded! Well, give me sometime though to do some bit of description of those finished pieces ya.. Meanwhile, one could at least point to view over at the side of tis blog; with good help from :p)

Alright, please accept my snail pace as i ain't any IT savy; i am still experimenting, exploring and of coz enjoy every fair bit of the process. Ha..ha.. but when some "hit-up" arise, grrrh..grinding & clinching in silent mode though. ((@.@))

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Works of students..

Remember just about a week plus ago, we begin our Beading Lesson? Project - Spiral Necklace. And; we planned to meet up the following week right.., but due to some of our commitment we delayed our session till yesterday. This time, we held at Janet's home.. hmm.. she even cooked us lunch..her sambal prawn was yammy.. Ooop.. too hungry forgotten about the camera !

We had some chat & updates of our personal "up's & downs"; or i would honestly say that is a good sharing or "thrashing" out of our "rambles & grumbles". Both me & Pauline could easily feel each other's emotion, hurts, downs and "what's-nots" when she has to care for her husband whose health is not too well of late, whilst as of me is my mama. :( Janet is like our "cooling fan/ blower", she not only gives us her "hearing hearts" but diverts our conversation off comfortly, when she saw our sharing wells-up our teary eyes. Hmmm.. this is indeed a nice ladies fellowship..

NOW.. Beading time!! When both Janet & Pauline pulls out their spiral project.. Oooh.. Wow..

i have never expect such beautiful result! (considering them their 1st time beading?!!) hah.. You can say perhaps that's your 1st lesson; so easily amazed. Nope.. nope; given that it can be my thousand or millions of lessons.. the result is still just one simple word "Stunning"!!

A similar sets of beads can be distributed out; yet i can assure that the end result or the finished project would always produce a different, pretty and each show casing their piece uniquely.

Janet's tried mixed of gold & silver and as she admitted not knowing how much beads is needed; she ran short of them! But she gotten it finished up with single strand of the mixed and wow.. result is unique & pretty!! .. By the way Janet, my apology for my "shaky" hands, the picture is a little "blurry".

Look at Pauline's piece wow... she had hers done into a spiral lariat. No idea of how she could place her heart-shaped focal glass bead; after she completed her 30cm length of spiral; instantly i felt that it did be nice ending it with the beautiful glass bead and on the other end, we did some "branching".. oooh.. lovely ya... (*.~))

Monday, August 10, 2009

Golden Wheel-HL/E02 ..

Taking a little advantage of tis public holiday; sitting by the window, feeling those cool windy breeze "flapping" on my face.. took out this 14mm Rivoli which i have gotten sometime ago, flip thro 1 of the Beadwork mag issue and "oh.. mine tis is pretty"..

So within minutes, got the necessary beads & swarovski lined up with this Topaz Rivoli for selection of colors.. hmm.. yap.. i think that it! .... (*.^)

Da..da..da..da! Here you are.. whoa! Turns out prettier than i have expected! Dun you think so? Oh yes, named it "Golden Wheel" coz i thgt it did looks like those cart wheels :p)

Side Note : Swarovski (English pronunciation: /ˌswɔrˈɒvˌskiː/[2]) is the luxury brand name for the range of precision-cut lead crystal glass and related products produced by Swarovski AG of Wattens, Austria.
The Swarovski Crystal range includes crystal sculptures and miniatures, jewelry and couture, home decor and chandeliers.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom. .

2 months back she was so ill that she couldn't get up from bed. Today she is so much better; able to get up herself to move around & about w/o me helping her. But of coz, she still need me to help her to her shower every day. Surely she is a very tough & strong-willed lady, determine to fight & live on.. just as she said even being able to live just that "1 day" it is so precious although she had no more goals to achieve or wanna achieve.

All we knew about her birthdate is only in chinese calender; but well anyhow guess that is not important anymore after all she is reaching almost 90 in another short few days. Wow.. can't imagine i am in that age, whew.. :9(

Just as she told me, didn't want any celebration this year, probably she ain't in the mood as she is still kind of weak.. [although is only 2 of us, but i used to cook a elaborate meal for her, present her a "ang pao" with wishes & cheers] .. so here it is a simple breakfast with her favorite pizza, garlic bread, some fries and of coz a little 寿包 plus of coz her morning coffee.

Yeah.. 妈妈,生日快乐!!
p.s. i made the garlic bread & so is the fries..
as of the pizza & 寿包 got from supermart-toast & steam..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beading begins. . .

Both Pauline & Janet arrive my place about 12 plus. Unpack all the food that Pauline had prepared for the 4 of us; and in less then 15 min. we found ourselves eating and almost finishing most of the food. Ooop.. guess i am so hungry that i forgotten to take a snap shot of the delicious lunch.. ha..ha.. it was yummy.. Both ladies noted mom's appetite was good.. "yes..cos of the nice company you ladies gave!" - mom's reply .. :p)

After all the tidy & washing-up, i pull out those packed beads that i have prepared for them and yeah..our beading lesson start!..

The 1st 15-30 min. was like "all hands & feet tied together" fiddling with those beads and wondering which beads to thread & weave.. Janet kept saying that they both are slow & old students..while i told them that i might not be good in explaining & teaching them instead.. ha..

Hmm.. Nope.. is none of those above.. Is just that, this hobby craft is something or totally new to them; given that Pauline is good at patchworking. Well, in less then an hour, they will not only enjoying it, but eager and wanting to complete their project! They have gotten it right!! Yeah!

2 hrs simply passed by .. times up! I was surely glad to see both of them so happy and enjoying their beading time. Arrangement was tentatively made for next weekend for me to review & see to their completed spiral necklace!! It would not be at my place but instead at a park, with each of us bring some snacks.. wow.. itsn't that going to be a healthy & relax therapy? U beg!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beading lesson ..

Yeah!.. my beads order has arrive..whoala.. they look pretty; hmm.. am sure Pauline & Janet would luv them ;)

Oh..yes, i'm so excited & looking forward to my so called "1st beading class" with tis 2 ladies. Venue would be @ my home as they wanted to pay my mom a visit, cook & bring lunch for both of us!

It was all a surprise, am caught unprepared actually. It was during our lunch catch-up [aftr almost a year] juz last weekend that they saw me wearing my own crafted "root-beer spiral" necklace. They will surely impress & arh..well, pester me into teaching them.

hmm.. sketch of instructions prepared + material now arrive, Oleh.. am ready!! Am very sure they both would enjoy .. yahooo.. :p

some sharing - Beads- since beads have been made in the Czech Republic for centuries, dating back to the days of Bohemia. The Czech beads do tend to vary a bit in size and shape, even within the same hank of beads, but are valued for their use in bead embroidery, as the difference in size allows for more exacting contours in the beadwork.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A little relief...

Finally, am a little relief after such looooong time. Been nursing & take care of mom; she has been ill, down with her rhuematism aches & also kind of relapsed pain from her old op. wounds. Admired her tough endurance, refusing hospital, Docs.. All i could do was like watch her sighing & hawling at worst time :(

Definitely is not easy for me, especially i have a full day job to attend to; but Thank Lord, for HIS strength & abounding grace & blessing of a understanding boss & colleagues that allows me to go half day leave-> home to nurse my mom, and great & supportive encouragement from my colleagues to cheer & keep me going.

Well, now that mom is so much better, meaning i don't need to help her up thro & about toilets, eating etc.. so am back in full day work. Leaving only at day end on the dot to get home & make sure mom gets her meal on-time.

so.. hmmm.. lets have a cuppa of tea & cheer me on ..

p.s. a little tea receipe :
1) get a tea sachet if not for pinch of tea leaves
2) add 1 or 2 fresh mint leaf (frm supermart)
3) add a cube sugar only after hot water has been pour;
coz sweetness is kept that way
4) now watch the little sizzling of that cube sugar as it dissolve swiftly..

cheers! :p