Tuesday, March 16, 2010

.. surprise ..

What a day to kick start with; a surprise that i receive - a big mail package. It was a package from the Humaneity Foundation. A magazine of their full & recent activities & goals, 2 leaflets "passport" of the child i sponsored! No expectations of any materials from them when i first chose to communicate to find out how i could go about reaching to those "less fortunate" & after receiving some highlights, explanatory & reg. forms; my chk went out to the mail.

The act of reaching out in some way was not my 1st trial.. I have been wanting to do something since sometime back.. Is it life changes that got me into this "deep thoughts" or is it some "setback" that has gotten me into these? No..no.. surely not.. but i would admit my first reach-out mission experience has indeed "drilled" & "roasted" my heart with that desire. The image of that women carrying her baby crying out just for milk has never left my memory bank since 1990s. We could provide her all the $$ we have, but it's useless. Source and outlet that could cater those needs is something unreachable in their place of origin. sighhh... At that moment we could only pray and even till today she is still in my intercessing list whenever my memory bank strike that particular "byte".
Well, is always great to lend a hand to those that is less, wherever they are, whoever they are, we need not know them, neither they need to know who we are.. bear in mind dun claim fame, name, recognization, appreciation or whatever returns. Contentment is the greatest source leading peace, joy & harmony to oneself. Am i bragging?.. ha..ha.. take it that i am then :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

wedding .. adults now ..

It was during the CNY visits that one of my elder boy cousin reveal that their son is getting married! wow.. i couldn't phantom till i attended their wedding dinner juz last weekend; all the little ones of "yester-years" were all grown up!! whew.. did i feel old looking at them?
YES! NO!! hmm.. yes -> they are grown adults now, of coz i "depreciate" but not age; it juz kept raising .. (.^) ha..ha.. And i mean "no" becoz i think i still look good appearingly.. well .. lots of compliment conclude that. and they aren't juz "lip-service" or to please me, they are from close relatives that i have not get to meet for kind of sometime.
Staying & maintaining "young" doesn't come from products, facial, clothings etc.., but from hearts & thoughts & most importantly HIS Grace! Coz it is HIS Grace, Strength & Blessing that brought me thus far!! hallelujah!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

.. my loves ..

ain't they adorable?.. to me YES they are!! and i dun mean only the 2 little ones but all that of them i.e. mum too (^.) .. Dillion the elder one is so much taller now; a little on the lean side but he is always so so lovable & obedient & he always has heart for the older folks.. Mum is never a stranger to him regardless of their wide age gap & communication; yes i mean communication between mum & him.. but he would always try to understand & figure out; by looking & me or his parents for translation.. ha..ha.. (@.@)
Well, new gen. family communications are more on english & mandarin language, a little other ethic dialects from their grandparents. So, for a non-educational mum..ha..ha.. she speaks all dialects but to no avail.. Of coz that is Issac that is grown & he could run about tis year when they both came to visit us.. he still couldn't speak as yet (only 24mths plus). He seems to be more bold & active then Dillion of his age then.

Well, well, they both are lovely pair of sons of Alan & Linda [my colleague]. Mum adores them both very much, a little much more for Dillion, so do i coz Dillion is more "贴心“ [intimate, attach, tender-hearted..]

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

art therapy, coloring, symbols, mandalas ...

It was all nice & fun to have attended tis class.. wish it could have been longer though.. coz it was so nice tucking into those color pencil box, picking up colors that u love & like and shading all over. 2 simple mandalas template were provided for our used. Well, it was a "mind-opening" lesson; of which i learn and knew; different colors represent moods & feelings; so is some simple symbols that Bryan 老师 shared with us.

this is my 1st completed piece during the lesson. Colored 2 more subsequently .. when i place them together i notice the color range varies, somehow there ain't any repeat in any sequence .. Bryan 老师 shared that it is not only fun but it's relaxing, i.e. letting your hands & thoughts runs, enjoy drawing, feels & colors, he even encourage us to keep them in file, frame them up too!! ooop.. i think i will when someday i go for the calligraphy drawing / painting class .. arh.. perhaps i should take a half-day break for it :)

It may be a 2-hour workshop, but it is truly interesting, learning more how drawing and colouring could help heal & focus .. anyway it is fun.. oohh..oh.. time is running i gonna get ready & go for the wedding dinner ..