Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bezelled Ball-Early Christmas Gift presented..

This necklace could simply finished in probably 1-2-hrs at most. But it took me about 2 days+ cos needing to mingle between house chaos & mum's need during weekend. The white ball encircled [bezelled] with wired-round tooks more time, as needing & ensuring that the wire falls neatly side by side and the length of it that would be sufficient to go round the entire ball without any joinings.

Well, is worth the hardworks..when it was presented to Janet yesterday when we met for a "quick cuppa of coffee" at J-O-Donuts.

The "wow" expression and admiration of the craftmanships already gives much reward ++plus her appreciation of my thoughts in this gift such as "gold", "white" and "yellow" which is her favourite colors.

Likewise, Pauline was so happy to receive the "Y" rose-quartz necklace. They both exclaimed that is kind of too early to receive this "X'mas Gift"., but knowing that all our different work/ personal time schedule are kind of rather difficult to arrange and having the year end festives running in, not knowing when would be our possible get-together.

Three-some of us always treasure our get-together even it's only an hour or so. :p

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