Tuesday, February 9, 2010

before u know.. time juz..

hmm.. it was juz like yesterday when christmas, new year 2010..came and now is like almost mid Feb.. wow.. time waits for no one indeed.

with approx 4 days to go., we are ushering into the Chinese Lunar New Year! Whew.. and that is to say i'm or rather we [mum & myself] are going for our short holiday break.. yeah!!.. we both looks forward to it.. though it's the same place we are going again..[almost the past 5 years] we are never never tired of it. dun ask me why? i have no answer.. guess is the "relax" time off.. a diff. environment.

why did i place a "open & close" inverted marks on relax? while, as for me, yes i'm in relax environment, afterall staying in a Resort why not? but, needing to care for mum along is not a total/full relax mode that i can fully switch off. 1st needing to make sure pack her needs like medicine and snacks. oh why snacks? dun they have food & shops there for bites? sure, they sure do.. but mum is juz like another small kiddy that she wants her favorite "nits-nacks".. arhh.. guess one would understand best when they are in my shoe.

well, well.. whatever it is, JOY & PEACE is SURELY there for both of us to enjoy to the fullest, cos we 'lovest' to do our praising, singing & praying and last but not least feasting; & "bird-watching" ha..ha.. with 2 old ladies.. 1=90 yrs & me=?? [hee..hee] we sure enjoy ourself by the pool-side watching pretty women & hunt man .. will try and snap some pic .. kee..kee.. ;p

ookiee.. i better get ready to go home for the Mobile Doc is coming today for mum's quarterly check-up.

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