Sunday, February 28, 2010 bacccck..

we are always busy..busy.. so busy that we forget the purpose in life..[sometime and/or may be not all but only me (*.)] We always worry for others; but did we take care of ourself, our inner being; inner child. Do you know if you take care of yourself, many problems will be resolved naturally?!.. That's what i have started doing of late, take smaller step/pace in most things.. work, home, on my way to & fro to wherever i need to be & wants to be..

even weekends; saturday would be like reading, craftings if no appointments for scheduled hobby classes.. sunday after church, home chaos would be in slow pace.. after which, i would relax in my "favorite couch", light music, burning smell of sweet aroma essential oil, holding books or crafts in hand; sometime with cuppa green hot tea if not for juz glass of water, and let my mind swirl off with the wind, with most occassions of mumblings/chatting with HIM !! hmmm... try that out!! wonders it will do to your soul, mind & body! share and let me know how you feel ya?!! (^.)

as i'm resizing and getting some of my pictures up, i would show and share some thoughts and happenings as i back-track ya.. stay tune..

now let me get back to where i drop off ..i.e. my comfy sofa and continue my book "The Gift"..
while "viewer"; frens u have a bountiful weekend..

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