Saturday, June 19, 2010

Before i knew it..month is ending..

It's just hard to believe that before i actually steps into June..the month is ending soon in about another week.. gosh!!

Physically was not too well, 1st i had a "trip & fell" and gotten a little "tear" on my right palm whereas "blue-black" here & there over my knee and lower leg area. Just thought everything was fine, gotten infected with UTI.. oh.. gosh.. it was terrible.. Not only was the pain but i was scare stiff if anything was going worst, until Dr Eunice Chua, check, scan and test that everything is alright, and assured me that all i need is lots of water, a week of antibotics and cranberry juice subsequent. So.. i have recovered and well now, though tired in mental; physical; emotion occassionally resulting from mom's attention. Lord give me strength pls!!

Have not been blogging but craft still goes on at my "back-drop".. had my hands on sewing pouches and a bible cover for myself and ..hmmm.. amazingly they turn out nice especially the bible cover. a couple of pic here to "show-off" a little..

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