Tuesday, June 22, 2010

new gem, roundelle, crimps = new watch, bracelet ..

Yeah.. so my orders have arrived.. wheew.. they looks good.. yummmy... :))

Well, if you thought is some food.. sorry, they aren't; yet i am so "full" especially after having my hands on them and whoala... pretty!! of coz and that is "to the eyes of the beholder" ya... ha..ha..

The gem in this bracelet is Silver Needle Agate Barrel with the Orange/Light Blue Roundelle finished off with the 3x2mm Twisted crimp tube and of coz ends of with nice small silver twisted toggle clasp. All these are my 1st attempt of material from Artbeads; ordered them on-line, it took less than 10 days to arrive and unexpectantly they were so much prettier.. Thought i did make a simple pair of earrings to go along.. here it is..

Luv the turn-out of the twisted crimp tube so much, as it really gaves a nice finished end-off then those usual normal crimp which kinda plain and nothing special. So i re-make one of my labradorite bracelet into a "watch-strap" with a simple round watch face gotten from Evonne some many many months ago..

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