Saturday, March 6, 2010

art therapy, coloring, symbols, mandalas ...

It was all nice & fun to have attended tis class.. wish it could have been longer though.. coz it was so nice tucking into those color pencil box, picking up colors that u love & like and shading all over. 2 simple mandalas template were provided for our used. Well, it was a "mind-opening" lesson; of which i learn and knew; different colors represent moods & feelings; so is some simple symbols that Bryan 老师 shared with us.

this is my 1st completed piece during the lesson. Colored 2 more subsequently .. when i place them together i notice the color range varies, somehow there ain't any repeat in any sequence .. Bryan 老师 shared that it is not only fun but it's relaxing, i.e. letting your hands & thoughts runs, enjoy drawing, feels & colors, he even encourage us to keep them in file, frame them up too!! ooop.. i think i will when someday i go for the calligraphy drawing / painting class .. arh.. perhaps i should take a half-day break for it :)

It may be a 2-hour workshop, but it is truly interesting, learning more how drawing and colouring could help heal & focus .. anyway it is fun.. oohh..oh.. time is running i gonna get ready & go for the wedding dinner ..

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