Saturday, March 13, 2010

wedding .. adults now ..

It was during the CNY visits that one of my elder boy cousin reveal that their son is getting married! wow.. i couldn't phantom till i attended their wedding dinner juz last weekend; all the little ones of "yester-years" were all grown up!! whew.. did i feel old looking at them?
YES! NO!! hmm.. yes -> they are grown adults now, of coz i "depreciate" but not age; it juz kept raising .. (.^) ha..ha.. And i mean "no" becoz i think i still look good appearingly.. well .. lots of compliment conclude that. and they aren't juz "lip-service" or to please me, they are from close relatives that i have not get to meet for kind of sometime.
Staying & maintaining "young" doesn't come from products, facial, clothings etc.., but from hearts & thoughts & most importantly HIS Grace! Coz it is HIS Grace, Strength & Blessing that brought me thus far!! hallelujah!!

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