Wednesday, March 10, 2010

.. my loves ..

ain't they adorable?.. to me YES they are!! and i dun mean only the 2 little ones but all that of them i.e. mum too (^.) .. Dillion the elder one is so much taller now; a little on the lean side but he is always so so lovable & obedient & he always has heart for the older folks.. Mum is never a stranger to him regardless of their wide age gap & communication; yes i mean communication between mum & him.. but he would always try to understand & figure out; by looking & me or his parents for translation.. ha..ha.. (@.@)
Well, new gen. family communications are more on english & mandarin language, a little other ethic dialects from their grandparents. So, for a non-educational mum..ha..ha.. she speaks all dialects but to no avail.. Of coz that is Issac that is grown & he could run about tis year when they both came to visit us.. he still couldn't speak as yet (only 24mths plus). He seems to be more bold & active then Dillion of his age then.

Well, well, they both are lovely pair of sons of Alan & Linda [my colleague]. Mum adores them both very much, a little much more for Dillion, so do i coz Dillion is more "贴心“ [intimate, attach, tender-hearted..]

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