Sunday, August 23, 2009

Works of students..

Remember just about a week plus ago, we begin our Beading Lesson? Project - Spiral Necklace. And; we planned to meet up the following week right.., but due to some of our commitment we delayed our session till yesterday. This time, we held at Janet's home.. hmm.. she even cooked us lunch..her sambal prawn was yammy.. Ooop.. too hungry forgotten about the camera !

We had some chat & updates of our personal "up's & downs"; or i would honestly say that is a good sharing or "thrashing" out of our "rambles & grumbles". Both me & Pauline could easily feel each other's emotion, hurts, downs and "what's-nots" when she has to care for her husband whose health is not too well of late, whilst as of me is my mama. :( Janet is like our "cooling fan/ blower", she not only gives us her "hearing hearts" but diverts our conversation off comfortly, when she saw our sharing wells-up our teary eyes. Hmmm.. this is indeed a nice ladies fellowship..

NOW.. Beading time!! When both Janet & Pauline pulls out their spiral project.. Oooh.. Wow..

i have never expect such beautiful result! (considering them their 1st time beading?!!) hah.. You can say perhaps that's your 1st lesson; so easily amazed. Nope.. nope; given that it can be my thousand or millions of lessons.. the result is still just one simple word "Stunning"!!

A similar sets of beads can be distributed out; yet i can assure that the end result or the finished project would always produce a different, pretty and each show casing their piece uniquely.

Janet's tried mixed of gold & silver and as she admitted not knowing how much beads is needed; she ran short of them! But she gotten it finished up with single strand of the mixed and wow.. result is unique & pretty!! .. By the way Janet, my apology for my "shaky" hands, the picture is a little "blurry".

Look at Pauline's piece wow... she had hers done into a spiral lariat. No idea of how she could place her heart-shaped focal glass bead; after she completed her 30cm length of spiral; instantly i felt that it did be nice ending it with the beautiful glass bead and on the other end, we did some "branching".. oooh.. lovely ya... (*.~))

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