Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A little relief...

Finally, am a little relief after such looooong time. Been nursing & take care of mom; she has been ill, down with her rhuematism aches & also kind of relapsed pain from her old op. wounds. Admired her tough endurance, refusing hospital, Docs.. All i could do was like watch her sighing & hawling at worst time :(

Definitely is not easy for me, especially i have a full day job to attend to; but Thank Lord, for HIS strength & abounding grace & blessing of a understanding boss & colleagues that allows me to go half day leave-> home to nurse my mom, and great & supportive encouragement from my colleagues to cheer & keep me going.

Well, now that mom is so much better, meaning i don't need to help her up thro & about toilets, eating etc.. so am back in full day work. Leaving only at day end on the dot to get home & make sure mom gets her meal on-time.

so.. hmmm.. lets have a cuppa of tea & cheer me on ..

p.s. a little tea receipe :
1) get a tea sachet if not for pinch of tea leaves
2) add 1 or 2 fresh mint leaf (frm supermart)
3) add a cube sugar only after hot water has been pour;
coz sweetness is kept that way
4) now watch the little sizzling of that cube sugar as it dissolve swiftly..

cheers! :p

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