Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom. .

2 months back she was so ill that she couldn't get up from bed. Today she is so much better; able to get up herself to move around & about w/o me helping her. But of coz, she still need me to help her to her shower every day. Surely she is a very tough & strong-willed lady, determine to fight & live on.. just as she said even being able to live just that "1 day" it is so precious although she had no more goals to achieve or wanna achieve.

All we knew about her birthdate is only in chinese calender; but well anyhow guess that is not important anymore after all she is reaching almost 90 in another short few days. Wow.. can't imagine i am in that age, whew.. :9(

Just as she told me, didn't want any celebration this year, probably she ain't in the mood as she is still kind of weak.. [although is only 2 of us, but i used to cook a elaborate meal for her, present her a "ang pao" with wishes & cheers] .. so here it is a simple breakfast with her favorite pizza, garlic bread, some fries and of coz a little 寿包 plus of coz her morning coffee.

Yeah.. 妈妈,生日快乐!!
p.s. i made the garlic bread & so is the fries..
as of the pizza & 寿包 got from supermart-toast & steam..

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