Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beading begins. . .

Both Pauline & Janet arrive my place about 12 plus. Unpack all the food that Pauline had prepared for the 4 of us; and in less then 15 min. we found ourselves eating and almost finishing most of the food. Ooop.. guess i am so hungry that i forgotten to take a snap shot of the delicious lunch.. ha..ha.. it was yummy.. Both ladies noted mom's appetite was good.. "yes..cos of the nice company you ladies gave!" - mom's reply .. :p)

After all the tidy & washing-up, i pull out those packed beads that i have prepared for them and yeah..our beading lesson start!..

The 1st 15-30 min. was like "all hands & feet tied together" fiddling with those beads and wondering which beads to thread & weave.. Janet kept saying that they both are slow & old students..while i told them that i might not be good in explaining & teaching them instead.. ha..

Hmm.. Nope.. is none of those above.. Is just that, this hobby craft is something or totally new to them; given that Pauline is good at patchworking. Well, in less then an hour, they will not only enjoying it, but eager and wanting to complete their project! They have gotten it right!! Yeah!

2 hrs simply passed by .. times up! I was surely glad to see both of them so happy and enjoying their beading time. Arrangement was tentatively made for next weekend for me to review & see to their completed spiral necklace!! It would not be at my place but instead at a park, with each of us bring some snacks.. wow.. itsn't that going to be a healthy & relax therapy? U beg!

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