Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beading lesson ..

Yeah!.. my beads order has arrive..whoala.. they look pretty; hmm.. am sure Pauline & Janet would luv them ;)

Oh..yes, i'm so excited & looking forward to my so called "1st beading class" with tis 2 ladies. Venue would be @ my home as they wanted to pay my mom a visit, cook & bring lunch for both of us!

It was all a surprise, am caught unprepared actually. It was during our lunch catch-up [aftr almost a year] juz last weekend that they saw me wearing my own crafted "root-beer spiral" necklace. They will surely impress & arh..well, pester me into teaching them.

hmm.. sketch of instructions prepared + material now arrive, Oleh.. am ready!! Am very sure they both would enjoy .. yahooo.. :p

some sharing - Beads- since beads have been made in the Czech Republic for centuries, dating back to the days of Bohemia. The Czech beads do tend to vary a bit in size and shape, even within the same hank of beads, but are valued for their use in bead embroidery, as the difference in size allows for more exacting contours in the beadwork.

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